Afrisol Event management team is a premiere full-service destination Event Management company for events, meetings, and conference planning in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. In business since early 2015, we are a newly formed company filled with diverse and experienced staff members.


Our professional program managers have experience with custom tours, local entertainment, spousal activities, décor, and the best conference halls and hotels for your exhibitions, conferences and workshops, also restaurants to host your dine arounds. We will minimize your stress, maximize your results, and provide you with the opportunity to enjoy your event to the fullest. We listen to your ideas and assist you in shaping your vision. Between our contacts and our knowledge of local resources, we create events that are distinctive and memorable – all while keeping your budget in mind.

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Yonathan B. Tadesse

General Manager

Yonathan is one of the main forces behind the formation of Afrisol Event Management and is actively involved in the management of the agency. Yonathan is a sharp and talented entrepreneur, he began managing Afrisol with over 15 years of experience as an Event Management and also worked in the advertisement Industry at a large ad agency in USA. He has also worked as a concert organizer and web designer. Yonathan has a back ground of a Convention and Event Management Degree, He is responsible for the overall standard of the creative output of Afrisol.

Thitna Genene

Marketing Department

Thitna comes from a managerial background and has substantial familiarity with such aspects as; event logistics, budget management, corporate hospitality, venue marketing and delegate management. Regular interaction with clients, contractors, dealers and internal employees has further boosted her communication skills, even further enhancing her skills in persuading people. She has been a team leader for almost all the projects she has worked on whether it be within team development or on-site management. She has demonstrated ability to plan and execute a variety of different events, conferences, festivals and programs locally and nationally.

Taye Alemayehu

Hospitality &Tourism Department

Mr. Taye earned a degree in Hotel Management Leipzig, Germany, has worked in several Tourist class hotels at different management position. He was elected and served as an Ethiopian Hotel association board member for several years within the technical committee as a trainer and consultant. He also has worked with many prominent organizations like the Ministry of culture and tourism and other stakeholder’s area of hospitality Management. Mr. Taye is one of the key vertebrae in the back bone of the Hospitality department and Afrisol is very fortunate to have him as a team member.

Marvin Nicholls

Event Department

Marvin is a very seasoned all-rounder; he comes to Afrisol with much experience under his belt. Professionally, Marvin has always been involved in the performing arts and has not only helped in organizing music festivals and tours in Europe, North & South America and Asia, he has even starred in many of them as a rapper and Dub Poet, he has released records in the U.S.A. and U.K under the stage name of 'Ras Congo'. In 2013, Marvin relocated to Rwanda and then onto Ethiopia with his family, with a new challenge in his mind, "To return to my roots and culture and help to promote and facilitate growth in Ethiopia and throughout Africa as a whole”.

Marta Zeleke

Creative & Finance Department

Marta Zeleke has enjoyed 5 years in accounting, which has been instrumental in equipping her with the knowledge and providing her with the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to succeed in the accounting profession with experience in business development and growth with short and long-term financial plans, budget and forecasts. Her background in accounting has provided her with the opportunity to work with clients within a variety of industries, this has presented her with a diverse range of skills that has allowed her to develop solution focused work ethics.

Mahlet Kassa

Marketing Department

Mahlet has years of professional experience in managing marketing & sales projects. Her background has involved running national promotional product tours, executing new product launch programs, developing marketing materials, product sales, training presentations, vendor contract negotiation, as well as directing priority market selections for sales objectives, all while developing strong relationships with these business associates, vendors & media outlets. Her strong ability to handle multiple projects effectively makes her an ideal candidate for the company.

Tsena Negash

Creative Design Department

Tsena is computer science graduate from the Hawass Techinical and vocational school. Over the past few years he has gained experience in graphic design and art. Tsena will be in charge of the graphic design projects in our studio.

Andualem Mohammed

Creative Design Department

Andualem is a graduate in Electrical & Computer engineering from Jimma University. Andualem has a tremendous amount of experience in website designing with different Companies, he has worked on a variety of social media campaigns.