2016 CHCI Annual Meeting

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Area Studies in a Globalizing World: Past, Present, and Future
School of Advanced Study
University of London
28 June – 1 July 2016

The theme of this annual meeting is on the role and future of area studies within an increasingly globalized academic community. In that overarching framework, the theme of translation is embedded in the program at multiple levels, including the challenges posted to literary translation by apparently incommensurable languages and cultural contexts. Taking advantage of London's pivotal position as a focus for government, think-tanks, the media, as well as academic-research, this meeting will also explore how area studies specialists interact not only with the broader academic community, but also with groups directly or indirectly involved in policy-making.

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About CHCI

Established in 1988, the Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes serves as an arena for the discussion of issues germane to crossdisciplinary activity in the humanities, and as a network for the circulation of information and best practices related to the organizational and management dimensions of humanities centers and institutes. CHCI currently has a membership of over 170 organizations and affiliates in 23 countries and 46 US states. Our membership is extremely diverse from the point of view of scale: members run the gamut from small, university based humanities centers to major Institutes for Advanced Study, and from large independent organizations to research libraries. Our members are engaged in a wide range of programs, including research support, community-based programs and public humanities, internal and external fellowship programs, activism and advocacy on issues of cultural and educational policy, digital humanities programs, and the development and maintenance of research collections. Many CHCI members are highly visible, powerful agents of growth, change, and advocacy on their campuses and within their communities.

CHCI produces a major Annual Meeting of its membership, maintains a content-rich website, produces an annual printed membership directory, and serves as a re-circulator for information about its members via listservs and its website. We are now also developing distinctive programs and special projects intended to benefit our membership.

CHCI operations are based at the John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute at Duke University, which serves as the fiscal agent for the organization and provides important operating and staff support.

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