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Since years ago, many in Addis Ababa have been wearing red and have talked a lot about love and relationship, celebrating Valentines Day. Flower stores, gift shops, hotels, and restaurants have spend the day and night busy, treating couples with a special treatment. The media also has given a special regard for the day. Love music and programs that celebrate love and long-term relationships have been part of the media coverage for the day.

Ethiopians in general have a different way of expressing their romantic feelings. Culture dictates that men and women do not share romantic moments probably outside the bedroom. Flowers, gifts or fancy dinner in a fancy restaurant for long never was parts of the Ethiopian love affairs. However, thanks to Hollywood, the young generation is adopting a new way of expressing love and celebrating relationships.

In fact, from the general population, probably a few percentage of people know the holiday itself exists. Among those who actually know about the holiday, the majority do not take it as a big deal. Still, it might be worth knowing if the single people feel their loneliness more than any other day.

Overall, for flower and gift shops and restaurants in Addis, the day is very important. Actually, in its strict business sense, encouraging celebrations like this might be supporting small business in the country.

Valentine’s Day, in the western world is a giant industry. It might be possible for Ethiopia to take advantage of the shared culture and build a business that will support the country and people. For those who know and want to pay tribute to their love and loved ones also, it has a special meaning.

Westernizing our life might threaten our very existence as unique people with own life style. However, sharing cultures that promote love, respect, and compassion has less harm than some people like to think.

Harmoney Hotel

Kaleb Hotel


Start Date

February 14, 2016


ETB 200.-



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-Win a Chance to Spend one Night in the double bed......for 2 lucky couples.
-Win a Chance to use steam and souna.......for 3 lucky couples.
-Welcoming Drink
-Special Music selection with quality sound system
-Photography Memory
-Surprise your Beloved with no extra change.

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