4th Construction for Ethiopian Renaissance Exhibition, 2016

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March 16 2016, 8:00 AM: 4th Construction for Ethiopian Renaissance Exhibition, Exhibition Center
'4th Construction for Ethiopian Renaissance Exhibition' organized by 'Association of Ethiopian Class One Contractors'

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcDBAUqRJQ0



 more: http://ethiopian-construction.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=26&Itemid=81 Construction Contractors association of Ethiopia

CCAE does several things to help its members get experience from people who are involved in construction. One of these is organizing an annual “Ethio-Con,” which is an International Construction Trade fair where members of CCAE will have the opportunity to know each other with local and foreign construction materials suppliers, and service providers, exchange experience, conclude business deals, form partnership and relations and become familiarized with new technological developments.

CCAE has managed to successfully and consecutively organize “Ethio-Con” International Construction Trade Fair for the last nine years. This trade fair has become one of the bigst trade fairs in the country in terms of numbers of participants, content and organization.

CCAE has effectively organized a large number of Ethiopian Participants of trade fairs held every year in Las Vegas in America and in Cologne City, Germany. These have helped Ethiopian participants from the construction industry to be able to share experience and to create networks.

The Association also provides its members with diverse information using different means. One of this   Mendek (which means Building) a   quarterly magazine published by the association to inform its members with current issues related to the industry. The issues include research findings and different articles which are believed to have an impact on the sector. Besides, CCAE is participates in national and international issues in order to broaden its scope of activities.

CCAE has now become to a better position in terms of its financial status and strengthening its internal organizational system. The performance and audit report of the Association is monitored and evaluated by its general assembly held every year.

As part of its effort to serve its members, Construction Contractors Association of Ethiopia has planned to undertake several activities which include aggressively working to increase its members, opening branch offices in regions to serve members in the regions,  closely working with international trade fair organizers  in America, Europe, and far east countries  so that Ethiopians who are engaged in construction industry will be able to familiarize themselves with new advancements in science and technology by participating in international trade fairs held in  countries indicated above.